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Good Will Ambassador

Mr. Fang Lijun

2012-2013 Ambassador for Peace for the Peace and Development Foundation

Fang Lijun, who lives and works mainly in China has a very high reputation among Chinese artists and produces large and impressive canvases. Today, after a decade of artistic leadership, his repertoire of work includes a variety of oeuvres beyond his iconic motif and he can be considered one of the most interesting and attractive Chinese artists.

His art work includes drawings, oil paintings, prints, sculptures and installation pieces. Works of his art have become part of essential collections in museums and private collections in Europe, America, Singapore, Japan, and in various Chinese communities.

His latest oil on canvas “Dream of Peace” (2011) portraits the vulnerability between peace and war, peace and disasters, expressing hope and overriding philosophical ideas.  It hints at other worldliness for the future generation to fly across, above and atop. It represents a different generation of thinking on an age old topic with a unique angle.

Fang Lijun is appointed as the Ambassador of Peace, in support of Peace and Art in partnership building with UNDP for the Millennium Development Goals. Mr. Fang’s appointment is for 2012 and 2013.

Dr. Deng Ya Ping

2011-2012 Special representative of the Peace and Development Foundation

In 2009, the PDF appointed the former Olympic and World Champion Table Tennis Player, Dr. Deng Yaping, as the PDF Special Representative.

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