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2018 Internship Report - Feier YANG

Name: Feier YANG

Master of Translation and Interpreting

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Position: Translation intern, Communications, Innovation and Partnership team, UNDP China

Agricultural Mechanization (ESCAP-CSAM)

Duration: May 2018 – July 2018 (3 months)

Sponsorship: United Nations Peace Development Foundation

Supervisor: Zhang Wei

During the last few months in UNDP China, Communications, Innovation and Partnership team, I, as a translation intern, was mainly responsible for drafting and translating news articles, press release, speeches, contracts, project documents, emails etc.; Interpreting (simultaneously and consecutively) for conferences and meetings, including the meeting in China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, facilitating the communication between both sides; drafting and posting articles on Weibo official account; assisting with the design of campaign which aims at letting more people understand the sustainable development goals (SDGs); Supporting the team to conduct project research, gathering information for analysis; drafting meeting minutes; hosting visiting groups etc. In this process, I adopted the methods of translation and interpretation on field and expand my professional knowledge studied at school, which laid a solid foundation for my future career.

From the view of individual development, the greatest impact on me should be the personal working style and the important effect of self-learning ability to the job, since I encountered many new tasks and works that I’ve never done before. From the organization of a summer camp, I learned a lot about event plan and how to coordinate with all parties engaged; For the Chengdu High-tech zone project, I learnt the importance or working under great pressure and time limits, and had a great chance of practicing my simultaneous interpreting skills; By operating the Weibo and WeChat official accounts, I got to learn much about the social media and improved my written skills.

The process of internship is filled with joy of harvest and also regret. Perhaps it is because that time is short and I would really miss everybody that has helped me and guided me during these three months. The internship has deepened my understanding of not only the role of translator or interpreters, but also the function of UNDP, the largest development organizations of the United Nations.

I’ve also found out my shortcomings through about three-month internship and I will try my best in the future work and study, learning from others. I believe that I could be proficient and better in my future career.

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