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2019 Internship Report - ZHENG Yunting, Tina

Name: ZHENG Yunting, Tina

Master of Global Political Economy

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Position: Community Mobilization Intern, UNAIDS

Duration: June 2019 – September 2019 (4 months)

Sponsorship: United Nations Peace Development Foundation

Supervisor: Liu Jie

It is a honor for me to be an intern at UNAIDS. During the internship, I have not only learnt a lot from work, but also thought further about my future career.

One of the tasks that impresses me deeply is to support to make advertising material, which needs to communicate with the other teams frequently. I was involved in many parts of making advertising material, including inviting bids, drafting contracts and shooting. The process of shooting was very interesting and I also realized the hard of the actor. What behind perfect performance is hard work.

Above is just small part of my work. During the period of internship, I also help to translate many documents,prepare the working document, do some telephone surveys and make report. It is in this process that I have a deeper understanding of AIDS prevention and control. Besides, I has also helped to prepare the News round up and sometimes the content for WeChat Subscription and Weibo, which is a valuable experience for me. Strictness and responsibility are the qualities that every journalist must possess.

Apart from daily work, I also have the opportunity to take part in some activities, including international meeting, training, ceremony and competition. In September, UCO was invited to attend the Ethiopian National Day event of the Horticultural Expo on September 6. The event was hold by Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. In the Expo Garden, performers from Ethiopia showed wonderful songs and dances. After that, the participants also have opportunity to taste Ethiopian food. This is the first time for me to try Ethiopian food. What a wonderful experience for people like me who have not been to Ethiopia ever before.

Personally, internship in UNAIDS did help me improve myself. First, the internship gives me an opportunity to know more about United Nation, as a student studied in global political economy, I am always interested in international affairs. This internship is keeping with my classroom learning and let me know how the UN runs. Now I have deeper understanding of the UN.

Second, through daily work, I learn a lot about what I did not know before, especially AIDS prevention and control. I think, to learn something new is where the true value of an internship lies in. Internship is different from normal jobs, the motive of applicant for which is usually not the salary but the new skill and knowledge learning. If I can learn new things every day during the internship, I will feel productive and happy.

Third, during my internship, I also made friends with some colleague and schoolmates. They are excellent and we have learnt a lot from each other. At last, many thanks to Peace and Develop foundation again for gather us together.

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