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2019 Internship Report - FAN Yuning

Name: FAN Yuning

Bachelor of Management, Majoring in Public Administration

Nankai University

Position: Intern, Global Partnership Cluster Group, UNDP China

Duration: May 2019 – December 2019 (6 months)

Sponsorship: United Nations Peace Development Foundation

Supervisor: Tehani Pestalozzi

As far as I know, UNDP is one of the longest-running partners for PDF and I’m so honored to be chosen as a sponsored intern for Global Partnership Cluster Group after 5 rounds of selection. I’m very grateful to all the colleagues, who are so professional, competent and obliging, and the interns I meet - they are all intelligent, creative and open-minded youngster, who inspired me to bring potentialities into fully play. It’s such a pretty exciting experience to work with them. And a very special thank you to my supervisor, who lives by example and compelled me to see the world through new eyes. She is the best boss I’ve ever worked with. Here I must express my gratitude to the PDF again. Very thanks for your generous support, or I won’t be able to enjoy this wonderful journey without source of income in Beijing – such an expensive city.

As a student who major in Public Policy and especially focus on tech and energy, I originally came in hopes of broadening my horizon and exposure to policy design of China’s construction for BRI. Thanks to the high platform provided by the UNDP, I have got an improved understanding of the process of One Belt One Road, drawing a clearer, comprehensive picture of the opportunities and risks we are facing with and the goals we have to achieve. Even though the daily assignments I was responsible for as an intern were ordinary and not that challenging, like replying emails, collating attendance list and being in charge of the preliminary preparation for conferences, I still need to hold an overly serious attitude to every single detail, as you can never be too observant here. Fortunately, I met the 40th anniversary celebration for the UN China. Through the active participation, I gained more methods that the adequacy adjusts behavior to conduct ourselves in life and learnt more about the standard procedure of the preparation for official activities. In addition, I was also encouraged to participant in more activities, and was even assigned major responsibilities during the South-South Cooperation Day. In the very last week, I successfully organized a SDGeek tournament in Tsinghua university. What a wrap!

While work was not the only amazing part here. I do appreciate my encounter with the peers who share similar passion and vision and I never joint a team as diverse as this. We have many and various education backgrounds, growing experiences and modes of thinking, but we are all liberal, open-minded and willing to share valuable experiences in our respective fields. I made my best friends here and they have completely made my experience here and redefined my image of the world. I can’t put into words how lucky I feel to have met such amazing people in the past year working in the UNDP. I would like to suggest this great opportunity to more students. Hope more Chinese youth can get familiar with international organizations and stand for China in the near future, speaking strongly on the international stage.

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